Welcome to Lights & Letters, the best online shop to buy and rent beautiful, elegant marquee letter lights. We have the widest range of marquee letters and symbols in the Middle East and our selection continues to grow in order to meet the needs to our customers. We summarize our brand in 3 simple words: LOVE LIGHTS LETTERS. We believe that with these 3 ingredients, the potential is endless to create beautifully decorated homes, rooms and gift items for people that we care about, kids and adults.

Our marquee letters are the best personalized gift for any occasion. Battery operated, stand-alone letters, our marquees add a magical touch to any indoor venue, home, store, bedroom, bar or event.

Lights & Letters delivers marquees all over the Middle East to customers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Jeddah, Al Khobar, Doha, Beirut and the list goes on. Each of marquee letter product range differs from the other to make sure we meet the preference of our customers. The Metal Marquee range uses a stylish artistic font, transparent light bulb cover and a beautiful rustic silver or glossy white finish. The rustic silver marquee letter brings a vintage look and feel to your home decoration. While the glossy white light metal marquee letters are simply beautiful.

The Wood Marquee letter range is a simple son serif font, made of wood and plastic composite, it’s a great decoration for kid’s bedroom or play areas. The Wood Marquee letters are the best personalize gift items for friends and family, affordable, beautiful and a must have for every mom and home.

We have also recently added a line of Metal marquee letters for rental, catering to both private functions and event companies that want to create custom messages from light letters at their client events. Our large size rental marquee range consists of 90cm metal letters and 48cm tall letters that will stand out anywhere, and create the best background for photos and social media sharing.

Lights & Letters is part of Craft Studio Events, and boutique event and styling company based in Dubai. You can check us out on craftstudio.ae if you are interested in exploring other ways we can make your home, events and experiences even more special.