Bulb letters and Beyond

Some people call them Light up letters, other call them Bulb letters, and some LED light letters, we like to call them lovely Marquee Letters. 

A journey of light and letters

Our marquee letter are the most stylish and highest quality marquees in the Middle East. Styled in Dubai and manufactured in the best factories overseas, our marquees have become a huge hit with moms, kids, event organizers, and photographers. The Love Lights Letters fan base has been growing since launched end of last year and our photo gallery captures a great timeline of our journey. Our bulb letters range has grown and our network of partners has increased allowing us to reach more customers who are looking for our products. These photos explore the journey of our letters from when we thought of the idea to bring led light letters to Dubai to some inspirations of what we hope to bring next to our customers from led light products to other decorative items. 

Share your photos
We would also like to invite you to share with us your special memories and send us photos of your bulb letters, marquee letters, light up letters from your home or your event. We would love your permission to post these photos of your LED letters on our sites. Please send us your photos to order@lovelightsletters.com so we can share them with the Love Lights Letters community. 

A spark in our own light bulb:

One thing we learned early on during the process of photographing our bulb letters is that its actually very difficult to capture LED light through the lens of a camera with the LED lights on. The transparent bulbs on the marquee letters refracts the lens of the camera and create a haze effect. The type of haze effect that you would want to use as filter. So in some of these photos, what appears to be a haze is actually the true reflection of the LED light. Proving the point that some times it’s the simplest things in life that are the best.